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This was a punishment for people thought of as heretics.
a) Vassal
b) Excommunication
c) feudalism
d) guild

Some of the results of the Black Death included all of the following EXCEPT
a) a decrease in the economy
b) a decrease in the faith of the Church
c) an increase in population
d) an increase in Ant-Semitism

Fedualism is
a) a political, social, and economic organization based on loyalty and land ownership
b) the time period from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance
c) a person who receives a gift of land in turn for loyalty
d) a group of skilled workers of the same occupation

During the Great Schism, there were two popes: one from Rome and the other from____.
a) England
b) Russia
c) Germany
d) France

Charlemagne was called the "Emperor of the _______.
a) French
b) Romans
c) English
d) Church

The ________ were a series of battles set to free the Holy Land free from Muslim control.
a) Great Schism
b) excommunication
c) Crusades
d) Magna Carta

William the Conqueror brought ______ to England.
a) guilds
b) feudalism
c) Middle Ages
d) Magna Carta

Power of the King and nationalism increased after the ________.
a) Hundred Year's War
b) Black Plague
c) Hanseatic League
d) Middle Ages

What is a guild?
a) A punishment for people thought of as heretics, taken out of the church community
b) A person who receives a gift of land in turn for loyalty
c) A peasant who is tied to the land they work
d) A group of skilled workers of the same occupation

The Magna Carta gave people _______ rights.
a) religious
b) less
c) political
d) trade

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