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A forensic anthropologist analyzes...
a) fingerprints
b) criminals
c) bones
d) his notes

Another name for a pathologist is ...
a) Steve
b) medical examiner
c) judge
d) odontologist

Ballistics is the study of ...
a) weapons and ammunition
b) just ammunition
c) guns
d) tire marks

A toxicologist is an expert on ...
a) teeth
b) hari and fiber
c) poison
d) tire marks

Entomologists study ...
a) bugs
b) poisons
c) teeth
d) tire marks

Locard's principle says a criminal always ...
a) returns to the scene of the crime
b) confesses
c) fails the lie detector test
d) takes a trace of something

The two types of evidence are ...
a) circumstantial and criminal
b) circumstantial and direct
c) circumstantial and indirect
d) circumstantial and invisible

The very first procedure at a crime scene is ...
a) dust for fingerprints
b) collect the evidence
c) check the victim
d) call for back up

Another name for circumstantial evidence is ...
a) direct evidence
b) indirect evidence
c) invisible evidence
d) misleading evidence

An example of direct evidence is ...
a) video tape of the crime
b) fingerprints at the scene
c) the gun matches the bullet
d) a ransom note

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