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Radioisotopes tell scientists that Earth is how old?
a) 65 million years
b) 500 million years
c) 4.5 billion years
d) 13.4 billion years

Which of these is the foundation for relative dating?
a) Earth is very old.
b) Deeper rock strata are older.
c) Radioisotopes decay at a constant rate.
d) Organisms can be closely related to each other.

What is a key part of Darwin's idea of natural selection?
a) Earth is very old.
b) Everything has a predator.
c) Organisms' characteristics are carried on DNA.
d) More individuals are born than can live on available resources.

Darwin was spurred to finally publish his theory of natural selection by the writings of which scientist?
a) Lyell
b) Hutton
c) Wallace
d) Lamarck

Which is the best example of organisms that have been naturally selected?
a) Dark-colored peppered moths on soot-covered tree bark during the Industrial Revolution.
b) Light-colored peppered moths on soot-covered tree bark during the Industrial Revolution.

What observations did Darwin make that suggested there had been geological changes in Earth's history?
a) giant tortoises
b) fossils of giant sloths
c) fossil shells on top of mountains
d) an absence of rabbits in South America

Lamarck wrote an important book talking about
a) the old age of the Earth
b) how organisms could change
c) the movement of the continents
d) that fossils were extinct organisms

What was Darwin's role on the Beagle?
a) Clergyman
b) Captian
c) Scrubbing the decks
d) Collecting biological specimans

Lamarck's mechanism of change can be called
a) gradualism
b) natural selection
c) selective breeding
d) inheritance of acquired characteristics

What are homologous structures in different species evidence of?
a) a common ancestor
b) natural selection against a trait
c) inheritance of acquired characteristics
d) similar adaptations to their environments.

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