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When considering the structure of DNA, identify the correctly paired bases.
a) adenine and guanine
b) cytosine and adenine
c) cytosine and thymine
d) adenine and thymine

When considering the structure of DNA, what forms the backbone of the molecule?
a) hydrogen bonds
b) nucleotides
c) deoxyribose sugar and phosphate
d) uracil

Which element is important for water balance, muscle contraction, and nerve impulse conduction
a) iodine
b) sodium
c) magnesium
d) iron

Which of the following are true of phospholipids?
a) they are modified triglycerides
b) both of these
c) neither of these
d) they are partially polar and partially nonpolar

With regards to lipids, which item is true?
a) saturated fats are liquid at room temperature
b) omega-3 fatty acids increase your risk for inflammatory diseases
c) trans fats are solidified oils that have added carbon atoms
d) unsaturated fats are liquid at room temperature

The most abundent protein in the human body is:
a) collagen
b) they are all equally abundent
c) denatured antibodies
d) glucose

The liver stores carbohydrates in the form of
a) glucose
b) glycogen
c) insulin
d) fat

Identify the false statement
a) coenzymes are derived from vitamins
b) sometimes enzymes are inactivated immediately after they have performed their catalytic function
c) enzymes work against catalysts to protect cells
d) some enzymes are purely protein

All but one of the following statements are true. Identify the false statement.
a) all ions are electrolytes, substances that conduct an electrical current in solution
b) a salt is an ionic compound
c) water is an organic compound
d) an ion is a charged particle that has lost or gained electrons

Which of the following statments about pH is incorrect?
a) the pH of human blood should be 7.35-7.45
b) gastric juice has a pH of roughly 2
c) the higher the pH number the more alkalotic the fluid tested
d) the higher the pH number the more acidic the fluid tested

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