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Commodus was known as...
a) The best emperor Rome had ever seen
b) The emperor that started the decline of Rome
c) The first Christian emperor
d) A strong soldier

Because the Romen empire was so large...
a) It wasn't easy to collect taxes
b) Roman emperors often travled to the provinces
c) It was easy to defent
d) It was hard to defend

One of Constantine's accomplishments was...
a) He allowed freedom of religion
b) He built a great wall around the city
c) He built the Colosseum
d) He conqured the Greeks and forced them to convert to Christianity

Constantine allowed religios _______ for Christians in the empire.
a) Festivals
b) Freedom
c) Taxes
d) Persecution

The new capital of the western Roman Empire, Constantinople was named after what emperor?
a) Commodus
b) Julius Caesar
c) Nero
d) Constantine

Which of the following was a cause of the fall of the Roman Empire?
a) Weak Government and economy
b) Army would only fight for money
c) The size of the empire
d) all of the above

What two months are named after two former Roman Emperors?
a) January and March
b) June and July
c) July and August
d) April and May

Jesus taught that God...
a) Would not forgive those who sinned
b) Was one of many important Gods
c) Would provide everlasting life for those who followed jesus' teachings
d) Was for Jews to worship but not Romans

Faught to the death for entertainment
a) Martyrs
b) Villas
c) Mercenaries
d) Gladiators

An offical count of the people living in a place.
a) Census
b) Circus
c) Epistle
d) Villa

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