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Which of the following is a key feature of a republican government?
a) Rule by a king
b) Elected officials
c) Dictatorship
d) Polytheism

Who was worried that Caesar was becoming too powerful?
a) The assembly
b) Plebeians
c) His Army
d) The Senate

What is someone who rules with absolute power called?
a) Dictator
b) King
c) Presitdent
d) Senator

Which of the following geographic features were not an advantage to the city of Rome
a) Mountains
b) A fresh water lake
c) The River Tiber
d) Fertile Soil

How are the Roman Republic and the American Government alike?
a) Both elect a president
b) Both have 3 branchs of government, with a form of representation
c) Both appoint a dictator in emergency
d) Both allow all citizens to vote

Which was not a branch of the Roman government?
a) The senate
b) The president
c) The assembly
d) The consuls

A soldier that serves for pay in a foreign army is...
a) A martyr
b) An epistle
c) a Gladiator
d) A mercenary

What was the period of peace that followed Augustus's rule called?
a) The Roman Peace
b) There was no peace
c) The Pax Romana
d) The middle peace

Which of the following describes how Romans worshiped?
a) They only worshiped gods and not goddesses
b) They only worshiped goddesses and not gods
c) They selected one special god to worship their entire life
d) They honored gods and goddesses who often had Greek counterparts

After the Romans conquered different peoples, Romans divided their empire into...
a) States
b) Countries
c) Provinces
d) Coliseums

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