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A boy sees a patch of ice on the floor. He walks on top of it. What will most likely happen next?
a) He will laugh and smile.
b) He will fall down.
c) He will go ice skating.
d) He will crack the ice.

A bat asks a rabbit to play with him. What genre would this story be?
a) Nonfiction
b) Myth
c) Fiction
d) Biography

The river is over flowing because it rained too much. What is the effect of the rain?
a) The river is over flowing.
b) The river needs the rain.
c) People will go swimming.
d) You will go outside to see the rainbow.

A lady got a medal because she helped someone who was hurt. Which is the cause?
a) A lady got the medal.
b) She was nice.
c) A lady was surprised.
d) She helped someone who was hurt.

Amanda doesn't want to share her toys. She wants them all for herself. She is....
a) hungry
b) selfish
c) tired
d) happy

Boys and girls are alike because they both
a) play with dolls.
b) go running every day.
c) Go to school.
d) bite their nails.

Red and yellow are the same because they are both colors. Red is darker than yellow. Yellow is brighter than red. Both are liked by children. How is red different than yellow?
a) It is darker than yellow.
b) It is lighter than yellow.
c) It is brighter than yellow.
d) It is prettier than yellow.

John sees his toy on the floor. It is broken. He gets really mad and begins to yell. What probably happened to his toy?
a) It fell down.
b) His sister broke it.
c) Mom cleaned it up.
d) He got a new toy.

Tornadoes come from storms. They pick up houses and cars. Then, they drop them somewhere else. Which is NOT a fact from the text?
a) They pick up houses and cars.
b) Tornadoes come from storms.
c) They drop them some place else.
d) They are very large and strong.

Germs spread when someone sneezes or coughs. They enter our body and makes us sick. Germs make a TOXIN. This is like a poison. Some germs cause a fever. What does TOXIN mean?
a) It gives us a fever.
b) It is cool to get.
c) It is like a poison.
d) It is a germ.

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