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Which of these is a way to develop leadership skills?
a) Throat-chopping a grizzly bear.
b) Observing a leader you admire.
c) Observe Christmas.
d) Observe Taylor Lautner's abs.

Which of these is a way to develop leadership skills?
a) Participate in pagan rituals.
b) Analyze numbers for a fantasy football team.
c) Participate in organizations and activities.
d) Drop a Mentos into a 2 liter of Diet Coke.

Which of these is a way to develop leadership skills?
a) Practice leadership at work or school.
b) Practice singing in the shower.
c) Practice yoga in India.
d) Practice medicine without a licence.

Which of these is a way to develop leadership skills?
a) Do a self-adjustment of your spine.
b) Do work!
c) Practice readership.
d) Do a self-analysis and ask for feedback

Self-understanding is
a) knowing your own strengths and weaknesses.
b) remaining vertical while looking at a mirror on the ceiling.
c) knowing what you are trying to say even when nobody else does.
d) being able to talk to yourself when you have no friends nearby.

Team-building includes
a) drafting a great fantasy football team
b) getting people to understand each other and their responsibilities in order to work together.
c) making players run extra laps after practice.
d) playing Legos with friends.

Which of these is NOT a part of developing job satisfaction?
a) making effective use of people's skills and interests
b) repeatedly asking about TPS report cover pages
c) fairly rationing unpopular work assignments
d) offering appropriate recognition

Which of these is NOT an indicator that a particular behavior is unethical?
a) It would make the company a large amount of profit.
b) It would embarass the company if it became public.
c) It goes against the company's stated policies and values.
d) It is illegal.

When should ethics be introduced to the workplace?
a) After lunch.
b) During the interview process.
c) When the police begin to investigate.
d) When stock prices begin to fall.

Core values
a) are a written description of a business idea.
b) describe the reason a business exists.
c) outline the important principles that guide company decisions.
d) tell what a business wants to achieve.

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