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Light is different from sound energy because it can--
a) travel through empty space.
b) bound off objects.
c) travel through matter.
d) travel around matter.

On a sunny day, a shadow appears behind you. Which answer best explains why
a) Your body blocks the light.
b) Light moves through your body.
c) Light moves around your body.
d) Your body allows light to pass through.

During a storm, you see lightning flash and then later hear thunder. What best explains this observation.
a) Light travels faster than sound.
b) Light is an energy.
c) You were very close to the lightning.
d) Sound must travel through matter.

Which object below would refract light?
a) A bottle of water
b) your face
c) tinted windows
d) mirror

When light bounces off a surface, the angle of reflection is always---
a) The same as the angle of incidence.
b) a perfect reflection.
c) in a different angle.
d) different from the angle of incidence.

Light travels in--
a) Straight lines until it strikes matter
b) Mustang convertibles
c) waves around the planet
d) crooked lines until it strikes matter

This image shows light reflecting.
a) This image shows light reflecting.
b) This image shows light bending.
c) This image shows light refracting.
d) This image shows light absorbing.

A rainbow shows how light can--
a) refracts light as it moves through water
b) bounces light as it strikes the water
c) reflects light as it strikes water
d) bends light as it moves through the ground

Why do we see moonlight at night?
a) The sun's light reflects off the surface of the moon
b) There are volcanoes on the moon
c) The moon is a giant electric circuit
d) Sunlight refracts through the moon

A mirror will most likely cause light to---
a) refract or bend
b) move in waves
c) pass through
d) bounce off or reflect

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