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The parts that make up an atom are:
a) neutrons, protons and electrons
b) protons and neutrons only
c) a nucleus and protons
d) a nucleus and neutrons

the nucleus of an atoms is composed of
a) electrons and protons
b) protons and neutrons
c) neutrons and electrons
d) electrons

An element is matter that is made up of:
a) several types of chemicals
b) atoms that have bonded together
c) different compounds
d) one type of atom

How are two elements different?
a) they have the same protons but a different number of electrons
b) they have the same atomic weight but a different number of electrons
c) they are both atoms but have different numbers of protons
d) atoms are not different.

Elements can be represented by...
a) an atomic number
b) a symbol
c) all of the above

What is a compound?
a) a mixture of different materials
b) a solution - like salt and water mixed together
c) two or more different atoms bonded together
d) another way of saying homogenous

Compounds can be represented by chemical formulas.
a) The formula shows that both sides are equal
b) This statement is not true.
c) This statement is false
d) The formula shows that both sides are not equal.

Mixtures can be seperated into specific groups. What are the names of the groups?
a) Homogenous, Compounds, Heterogenous
b) Heterogenous and Homogenous
c) Solutions, Homogenous, Heterogenous
d) Compounds and solution

The part of an atom that has a negative charge is...
a) the nucleus
b) the neutron
c) the proton
d) the electron

True of false: Compounds and mixtures are synonyms
a) true
b) false

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