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Another name for seed coat is_________
a) testa
b) cotyledons
c) plumule
d) radicle

The function of the micropyle is to________
a) allow water to enter the seed
b) a scar where the seed was attached
c) stored food for the embryo
d) protects the seed

The embryo is composed of
a) plumule and radicle
b) cotyledons and testa
c) micropyle and testa
d) hilum and micropyle

The radicle will develop into the
a) roots
b) stem
c) leaves
d) flower

The first steps of a seed developing into a plant is called
a) germination
b) photosynthesis
c) synthesis
d) pollination

What do seeds need to germinate?
a) warmth and moisture
b) sunlight
c) heat
d) food

Stored food for the seed is called______
a) cotyledons
b) hilum
c) testa
d) radicle

Plants that are vascular and have cones are_____
a) gymnosperms
b) angiosperms
c) ferns
d) algae

An example of an evergreen tree is a
a) conifer
b) maple
c) oak
d) coconut

Plants that are vascular and have flowers are
a) angiosperms
b) gymnosperms
c) algae
d) mushrooms

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