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* cannot make their own food, while ** can.
a) autotrophs, heterotrophs
b) heterotrophs, autotrophs
c) eukaryotes, prokaryotes
d) prokaryotes, eukaryotes

Lice forming from sweat is an example of
a) spontaneous generation
b) biogenesis
c) evolution
d) natural selection

What kind of atmosphere did Earth originally have?
a) oxidizing
b) reducing
c) neutral
d) pH balanced

DNA is simpler than RNA.
a) True
b) False
c) It depends on the organism.

Individual organisms are able to evolve.
a) True
b) False
c) It depends on the type of organism.
d) It depends on the environment.

An acquired characteristic is passed on to offspring.
a) True
b) False
c) In plants only.
d) In animals only.

a) occurs when an individual mutates.
b) occurred in the past, but is not happening today.
c) causes natural selection.
d) is demonstrated by changes in the genetic makeup of populations.

All of the following would be possible mechanisms of natural selection except
a) female mice will mate with males that have a particular odor
b) all of the lizards on an island are killed by a hurricane
c) ultraviolet light from the sun kills some members of a species of plant but not others
d) on an island with little food small lizards have more offspring than large lizards

A breeds with D and produces fertile C. If A breeds with B, sterile E is produced. Which belong to the same species?
a) A and E
b) A and B
c) A and C
d) B and E

Which of the following is a likely outcome of the effects of a geographic barrier?
a) the same species of birds on Islands A and B
b) several species of fish in the water between Islands A and B
c) trees on Island A and bushes on Island B
d) a species of green lizard on Island A and a very similar species of brown lizard on Island B

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