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Which ocean is the largest?
a) Atlantic
b) Indian
c) Pacific
d) All of the oceans are the same size

Which ocean is characterized by active converging plate boundaries?
a) Atlantic
b) Indian
c) Pacific
d) All of the oceans

Which ocean is characterized by a diverging plate boundary?
a) Atlantic
b) Indian
c) Pacific
d) All of the oceans

Sea water composition is the same all over the Earth.
a) True
b) False

The salinity of seawater is increased locally by
a) the addition of water from a large river
b) heavy precipitation
c) the formation of sea ice
d) The salinity cannot be increased.

35 o/oo means
a) 35 percent
b) 35 parts per thousand
c) 35 parts per million
d) 35 parts per billion

What is the name for the bottom of the ocean floor?
a) continental shelf
b) ocean basin
c) seamount
d) ocean trench

Which part of the ocean floor was exposed during the ice ages?
a) continental shelf
b) continental slope
c) ocean basin
d) abyssal plain

What is the term for a volcanic mountain formed in the ocean?
a) abyssal plain
b) moraine
c) seamount
d) mid-ocean ridge

Where does the ocean basin begin?
a) at the beach
b) at the end of the continental shelf
c) beyond the continental slope
d) at the bottom of the submarine canyon

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