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The most abundant element in the atmosphere is
a) oxygen
b) nitrogen
c) argon
d) hydrogen

As altitude increases, atmospheric pressure
a) remains constant
b) increases
c) decreases
d) does not follow a trend

Which compound is most responsible for the greenhouse effect?
a) carbon dioxide
b) water
c) chlorofluorocarbons
d) methane

The atmospheric layer closest to Earth's surface is the
a) stratosphere
b) ionosphere
c) troposphere
d) hydrosphere

Without adding or removing any water vapor, a sample of cooling air will have a relative humidity that is
a) increasing
b) decreasing
c) constant
d) does not follow a trend

On a clear, calm, and cool night, dew or frost is most likely to form
a) under trees or other shelters
b) on bare ground on the side of a hill
c) under a tree on the side of a hill
d) on grass in an open, low-lying area

Is is possible for water vapor to condense in clean, cool air?
a) Yes
b) No
c) It depends on temperature
d) It depends on altitude

Which air mass would be cool and dry?
a) polar maritime
b) polar continental
c) tropical maritime
d) tropical continental

Which of the following factors would make the temperatures of a city more even?
a) high altitude
b) low altitude
c) large body of water nearby
d) surrounded by large areas of land

Which kind of front usually means cyclonic stormy weather?
a) warm
b) cold
c) stationary
d) occluded

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