Classifying Living Things Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 772)

This Quiz Covers Chapter A1 In The Science Text. Topics Include Plant And Animal Classification. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which is an example of a mollusk?
a) Bear
b) Snail
c) Lizard
d) Spider

Which are examples of monerans?
a) algae
b) mushrooms
c) bacteria
d) ferns

Where would nonvascular plants most likely be found?
a) under a cactus
b) on a sunny prairie
c) along a riverbed
d) on the sea floor

Snails have shells and squids do not, but they are both examples of
a) mollusks
b) amphibians
c) arachnids
d) arthropods

Plants are classified into two groups. Plants that have tubes in their roots, leaves, and stems are called:
a) nonvascular
b) nontubed
c) tubed
d) vascular

_______ are animals with moist skin and no scales.
a) reptiles
b) fish
c) amphibians
d) mammals

Living things with no nucleus are:
a) protists
b) monerans
c) plants
d) fungi

A kingdom is the largest group in which to classify living things. What is the smallest group?
a) order
b) genus
c) species
d) class

Living things that have one cell with a nucleus are _____________
a) monerans
b) fungi
c) species
d) protists

In what living things are sharp senses and large brains usually found?
a) vascular plants
b) nonvascular plants
c) invertebrates
d) vertebrates

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