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Low pressure systems usually signal stormy weather with winds circulating in a __.
a) couterclockwise direction
b) northern direction
c) southern direction
d) clockwise direction

Meterologists use ___ to measure relative humidity
a) anemometers
b) thermometers
c) barometers
d) psychrometers

In North America, most weather moves from _.
a) south to north
b) north to south
c) west to east
d) east to west

The molecules in __ air move fast and bump into each other, causing it to become less dense and rise.
a) warm
b) dry
c) humid
d) cold

__ are the most powerful types of storms.
a) Air masses
b) Hurricanes
c) Thunderstorms
d) Tornadoes

On a summer day in Easley, the temperature is 84 degress F. It is partly cloudy. If a cold front were to approach, which would be the most accurate forecast?
a) no precipitation
b) fair weather
c) sleet
d) thunderstorms

Rain is usually preceded by ___ pressure.
a) steady
b) high
c) low
d) intermediate

When a cold air mass collides and slides under a warm air mass it is known as a ___ front.
a) occluded
b) stationary
c) warm
d) cold

A recording of 1005 millibars was reported by a meterologist. What is the measurement referring to?
a) air pressure
b) relative humidity
c) temperature
d) wind speed

If there were no greenhouse effect, Earth\'s surface would ___.
a) not be affected
b) be too hot for life to exist
c) be too cold for life to exist
d) be all water

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