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Colonists created a group to oppose the British called the:
a) Thirteen Colonies
b) Sons of Liberty
c) Sons of Quartering
d) Liberty Kids

What ocean borders the 13 Colonies to the East?
a) The Atlantic
b) The Gulf of Mexico
c) The Caribbean
d) The Pacific

The 13 Colonies included all of these EXCEPT:
a) Georgia, New Hampshire, Virginia, South Carolina
b) Georgia, New Hampshire, Virgina, North Carolina
c) Georgia, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Rhode Island
d) Georgia, New Hampshire, Florida, South Carolina

John Locke supported a social contract. He influenced the US government to protect people's Freedoms and Liberties through:
a) Articles of Confederation
b) None of these
c) The Bill of Rights
d) The three Branches of Government

What document was a rough draft to the Constitution?
a) Constitutional Convention
b) Common Sense
c) Declaration of Independence
d) Articles of Confederation

What was the name of the British King who ruled the 13 colonies?
a) King John
b) King Obama
c) King George
d) King Mapp

Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
a) Thomas Hobbes
b) none of these
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Thomas Paine

While social contract and civil-liberties rights are necessary, a strong central government is also needed to enforce laws says who?
a) Thomas Paine
b) John Locke
c) Thomas Hobbes
d) Thomas Jefferson

This philosopher influenced the making of the three branches of government:
a) Montesquieu
b) Thomas Paine
c) John Locke
d) Thomas Hobbes

Blood relations can allow someone to become a citizen by:
a) Jus Solis
b) Citizenship Test
c) Naturalization
d) Jus Sanguinis

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