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In order to carry out the functions of life, organisms must...
a) have at least one cell
b) be exposed to sunlight
c) have more than one type of cell
d) be able to move

The cell theory was developed by which scientists?
a) Schwann, Leeuwenhoek and Hooke
b) Schwann, Schleiden and Virchow
c) Schwann, Schleiden and Hooke
d) Hooke, Leeuwenhoek, and Redi

Which of the following is NOT a part of the Cell Theory?
a) Cells are the basic unit of life.
b) All cells are produced by pre-existing cells.
c) Cells come from the process of spontaneous generation.
d) All living things are composed of cells.

The smallest living organism...
a) is made up or only one cell
b) has specialized functions among cell types
c) can only be seen with an electron microscope
d) is composed of multiple cells

Which type of organisms carries our all the functions of life
a) Multicellular organisms only
b) Unicellular organisms only
c) Both multicellular and unicellular organisms.
d) Neither multicellular or unicellular organisms.

Which of the following is multicellular?
a) plant
b) bacteria
c) nucleus
d) mitochondria

A characteristic that all living things have in common is...
a) need similar food
b) have the same life span
c) live in the same climate
d) they all reproduce

The cells within a multicellular organism that carry out different tasks are called...
a) separated
b) specialized
c) organized
d) distinguished

What is the BEST explanation for why unicellular organisms do not need a circulatory system?
a) Unicellular organisms can exchange materials directly with its environment.
b) Unicellular organisms do not transport materials within itself.
c) Unicellular organisms can surround themselves in all the nutrients required for life and does not ne
d) They have indirect contact with the external environment and doesn't require transport of nutrients.

Which of the following statements is a part of the cell theory?
a) Only plants are composed of cells.
b) Cells can be produced from nonliving matter.
c) All cells are produced from other cells.
d) Cells are one of several basic units of structure and function in living things.

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