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The appearance of quality of light reflected from the surface of a mineral is called
a) streak
b) cleavage
c) luster
d) hardness

Mohs scale is used to determine what property of minerals
a) hardness
b) luster
c) density
d) cleavage

What is the hardness of an unknown mineral that scratches glass, but will not scratch quartz?
a) 5.0
b) 8.0
c) 6.0
d) 7.5

The tendency of minerals to break along smooth falt surfaces is called
a) fracture
b) streak
c) crystal form
d) cleavage

What is the uneven breakage of a mineral called?
a) fracture
b) hardness
c) crystal form
d) cleavage

What determines whether a mineral will show cleavage or break in an irregular fractures?
a) internal atomic structure
b) density
c) hardness
d) external shape

What is the density of a mineral with a mass of 41.2 g and a volume of 8.2 cm3?
a) 337.8 g/cm3
b) 0.19 g/cm3
c) 5.02 g/cm3
d) 49.4 g/cm3

How could you determine if a sample of gold is pure>
a) compare sample density with that of pure gold
b) determine if the sample will fizz in contact with HCl acid
c) determine if the sample is magnetic
d) compare samples color with that of pure gold

What property can be used to distinguish talc and gypsum?
a) talc has a soapy feel
b) Gypsum can scratch glass
c) talc fizzes with HCl acid
d) gypsum has a soapy feel

What determines the properties of minerals?
a) size and shape
b) structure and size
c) composition and structure
d) composition and age

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