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Which tab in the Microsoft Word Help window groups help topics by general categories?
a) Contents
b) Answer Wizard
c) Word Finder
d) Index

How does Word indicate a possible spelling error?
a) a green dotted line
b) a wavy green underline
c) a wavy red underline
d) a red dotted line

When must you use Save As rather than Save?
a) the first time you save a file
b) to save the file in a new location
c) each time you edit a file
d) to save a document in a different language

If you need to specify a print setting you should do which of the following?
a) Click the Print button on the Standard toolbar
b) Choose Edit --> Print
c) Click Print button on the Formatting toolbar
d) Choose File --> Print

Before you save a document, where is it stored?
a) on a floppy disk
b) in Read-Only Memory (ROM)
c) on a hard disk
d) in Random Access Memory (RAM)

Which of the following symbols next to a menu option indicates that a dialog box will display if you choose the menu item?
a) arrow pointing to the left
b) ellipsis
c) small triangle
d) asterick

If you are finished working on a document, but have other documents you still need to work in, which of the following should you use?
a) File --> Exit
b) Start --> Shut down
c) File --> Close
d) Turn off the computer

Which of the following features is not part of the Word screen?
a) Ruler
b) Start button
c) Task pane
d) View buttons

This features inserts a soft return and continues on the next line when text does not fit on one line.
a) Hypertext link
b) Screen Tip
c) Word Wrap
d) Ask a Question Box

A standard determined by Microsoft is referred to as a ......
a) ROM
b) RAM
c) Setting
d) Default

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