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A female figure used as an architectural support was known as a:
a) caryatid
b) kore
c) kouros
d) gorgon

The Orientalizing period of art is so named because of the exposure of early Greeks to the art of ________________ and _________________.
a) The Near East and Egypt
b) Mycenae and Egypt
c) Crete and the Near East
d) Mycenae and the Near East

Composite monsters were popular in other ancient cultures; however, which of the following was a purely Greek invention?
a) sphinx
b) centaur
c) griffon
d) siren

The subject matter of the drinking cup by Onesimos would never have been portrayed publicly in monumental painting or sculpture. What fact about this work supports this statement?
a) genre scene of lady of the house bathing
b) genre scene of master of the house bathing
c) genre scene of servant girl of the house bathing
d) genre scene of son of the house bathing

Pericles stated, "For we are... simple in our tastes, and we cultivate the mind without loss of maniless..." this statement could also refer to which of the following?
a) humanistic educaiton and life
b) Spartan society and government
c) the Delian League
d) Pergamene society and governement

Unlike their counterparts in the near East, Greek gods assumed human form. Which of the following is another characteristic of the Greek gods?
a) They were above petty jealousies
b) They were loyal to their spouses
c) There were loving guides for all the Greeks
d) They were immortals

Later Greeks calculated their chronology from this event and despite rivalries and differences; from then on all Greeks regarded themselves as citizens of Hellas.
a) First official celebration of Greek democracy
b) First League of City-States
c) First Greek Olympiad
d) First official celebration of the Geek Senate

What structure from the Athenian Acropolis has four sides of very different character with each side resting on different character with each side resitng on different ground level
a) Temple of Athena Nike
b) Parthenon
c) Erechtheion
d) Propylaia

What event is chronicled on the frieze fo the Temple of Athena Nike detailing victory over the Persians?
a) battle at Marathon
b) battle of Thermopylae
c) battle of Sparta
d) battle of Persepolis

The Peloponnesian War began in 431 BCE and ended in 404 BCE with the complete defeat of ___________.
a) Sparta
b) Thebes
c) Athens
d) Macedon

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