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Fossils Are Covered.[print questions]

Actual remains of a dead animal is?
a) Preserved fossil
b) Trace fossil
c) Mineralized fossil
d) Petrified fossil

Fossils are most likely to be found in this type of rock.
a) Sedimentary Rock
b) Igneous Rock
c) Extrusive Rock
d) Metamorphic Rock

Dinosour footprints are this type of fossil.
a) Trace fossil
b) Petrified Fossil
c) Preserved fossil
d) Intrusive rock

When you can only find a type of animal in the fossil recored the animal is said to be?
a) Extinct
b) Rare
c) Common
d) Hiding

A scientist who studies fossils is called a?
a) Paleontologist
b) Botonist
c) Geographer
d) Zoologist

This type of dating used isotopes to determine age of a rock.
a) Absolute Dating
b) Relative Dating
c) Speed Dating
d) Blind Dating

Fossils are ?
a) Rare
b) Common
c) Found in all Rocks
d) Only found in Australia

Dating rocks by which is oldest or youngest is called?
a) Relative Dating
b) Speed Dating
c) Absolute Dating
d) Blind Dating

This is a video game and how long it takes and isotope to decay to half its amount.
a) Half Life
b) Call of Duty
c) Atom Vacuum
d) Halo

Seeing how a life form changes through time is the science of?
a) Evolution
b) Geology
c) Chemistry
d) Physics

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