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What is the naturally occurring, inorganic solid with an orderly crystalline structure and a definet chemical composition?
a) mineral
b) compound
c) isotope
d) element

The process of mineral formation from magma is called
a) evaporation
b) melting
c) crystallization
d) precipitation

Minerals are classified by
a) color
b) density
c) size
d) composition

The building block of silicate minerals is called the
a) silicone oxygen tetrahedron
b) aluminum oxygen triangle
c) silicone oxygen triangle
d) aluminum oxygen tetrahedron

Minerals with the silicone oxygen structure are classified into what group?
a) sulfates
b) silicates
c) carbonates
d) oxides

All minerals in the sulfate and sulfide groups contain what element?
a) sulfur
b) carbon
c) oxygen
d) silicone

The most common mineral group in Earth's crust is the
a) oxides
b) halides
c) silicates
d) carbonates

To which mineral group does orthoclase feldspare (KAlSi3O8) belong?
a) oxides
b) halides
c) silicates
d) carbonates

Which of the following properties is generally the least useful in identifying minerals?
a) hardness
b) streak
c) color
d) cleavage

The color of a mineral changes due to
a) small amounts of different elements
b) differences in density
c) differences in crystal structure
d) differences in hardness

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