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The Treasury of Atreus is an example of a(n):
a) Mycenaean fortification
b) temple treasury
c) minoan sarcophagus
d) behive tomb

Minoan columns are distinquished by
a) tapering shape and bubous capitals
b) pronounced swelling in the center
c) bud-shaped capitals
d) bull-shaped capitals

It has been suggested that the fresco "La Parisienne" may represent a:
a) lady of rank
b) priestess
c) queen
d) merchant's daughter

The Lion Gate is the gateway to:
a) Tiryns
b) Knossos
c) Mallia
d) Mycenae

The Kamares style of Minoan pottery exhibited:
a) sophisticated shapes and monochromatic style
b) naive shapes and polychromatic style
c) sophisticated shapes and polychromatic style
d) naive shapes and monochromatic style

Minoans coated the fabric of their rubble walls with a fine white lime plaster that required rapid execution and great skill. Which painting method would allow for this method?
a) watercolor
b) fresco secco
c) true fresco
d) faux fresco

"Spring" (fresco) is the first pure landscape. Which of the following best defines this landscape?
a) It has no humans and a narrative element.
b) It has a narrative element.
c) It has no humans and no narrative element.
d) It has no humans.

Which explanation best defines the relevance of archaeology to Art History?
a) can establish context
b) increase appreciation for the object
c) increase museum holdings
d) can establish reputations

Cycladic figures having the same form took on diferent meanings in different contexts. What accounts for this?
a) found in both cemeteries and settlements
b) found in royal houses and royal cemeteries
c) specific figurines were buried in urns
d) only those standing figurines had a different identity

The funerary practice of the Mycenaeans, covering the faces of the dead with gold masks, recalls what other culture?
a) Egyptians
b) Cycladic peoples
c) Minoans
d) Greeks

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