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A vertebrate is an animal that
a) has a backbone
b) does not have a backbone
c) has an exoskelton
d) has antennae

An Invertebrate is an animal that
a) does not have a backbone
b) has an exoskeleton
c) has an endoskeleton
d) has a backbone

All plants make their own food through a process called
a) photosynthesis
b) photography
c) pollination
d) phloem

Which is the producer in the foodchain?
a) plant
b) mouse
c) grasshopper
d) owl

Organisms that get energy by feeding on dead materials and wastes are called
a) decomposers
b) deconstructionists
c) constitutionalists
d) consumers

Producers are
a) organisms that make their own food
b) organisms that break down wasts and remains of other organisms
c) Organisms that only eat plants
d) Organisms that eat both plants and animals.

Which is not true?
a) Omnivores only eat animals
b) Carnivores are animals that eat other animals.
c) Herbivores only eat plants and plant products.
d) The patth of energy from one organism to another is called a food chain.

Which is not true about mammals
a) All mammals are invertebrates.
b) All mammals breathe air with lungs.
c) All mamels have hair or fur on their bodies.
d) All Mammals are vertebrates.

Which is true about amphibians.
a) Amphibians live in water when they are young and on land when they are adults.
b) Ambphibians always give birth to live young.
c) Amphibians never have gills.
d) All amphibians live in the water all of their lives.

Which is not true?
a) Gorillas and sharks are carnivores.
b) Lions and spiders are carnivores.
c) Raccooms and humans are omnivores.
d) Deer and rabbits are herbivores.

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