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Which of the following is not one of the eight most common elements in Earth's continental crust?
a) carbon
b) aluminum
c) oxygen
d) silicone

The most abundant element in Earth's continental crust (by weight) is
a) oxygen
b) silicone
c) calcium
d) iron

The central region of an atom is called the
a) proton
b) nuetron
c) electron
d) nucleus

What are the builiding blocks of minerals?
a) elements
b) isotopes
c) electrons
d) rocks

If the atomic number of an element is 6 and its mass number is 14, how many nuetrons are contained in the ucleus?
a) 8
b) 6
c) 20
d) 14

When two or more elements bond together in definite proportions, they form a
a) ion
b) atom
c) nucleus
d) compound

The main types of chemical bonds we studied are
a) ionic, covalent, metallic
b) ionic, compound, metallic
c) isotopic, covalent, metallic
d) ionic, covalent, nonmetallic

What type of chemical bond forms between positive and negative ions?
a) covalent
b) ionic
c) metallic
d) isotopic

Compounds with high melting points have
a) covalent bonds
b) metallic bonds
c) ionic bonds
d) no chemical bonds

Which of the following is not a characteristic of minerals?
a) crystalline structure
b) formed by inorganic processes
c) definite chemical composition
d) either liquid or solid

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