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Of the two types of cells made by the human body, the majority of those cells are __________.
a) sex cells
b) body cells
c) incomplete cells
d) budding cells

How many chromosomes are in human sex cells?
a) 46
b) 8
c) 1
d) 23

A male tiger contributes sperm to a females tiger's egg to produce a zygote. The process that produces haploid sex cells is __________.
a) mitosis
b) meiosis
c) fission
d) interphase

The process of meiosis ensures that organisms will have __________.
a) a different haploid number than its parents have
b) different numbers of chromosomes than its parents have
c) the same diploid number as its parents have but from two parents
d) the ability to reproduce by budding

Suppose an animal with 38 diploid chromosomes is able to produce offspring with an animal that has 60 diploid chromosomes. How many diploid number of chromosomes would the offsprin
a) 76 and 120
b) 19 and 60
c) 19 and 30
d) 30 and 38

If a diploid tomato cell has 24 chromosomes, how many chromosomes will the tomato's sex cells have?
a) 6
b) 24
c) 48
d) 12

Which of these is a part of sexual reproduction?
a) zygote
b) regeneration
c) fission
d) budding

Which of these is a possible outcome of a mistake in meiosis?
a) An organism might not be able to regenerate part of its body.
b) An organism might not grow normally.
c) An organism will produce multiple offspring at one time.
d) An organism might change species.

DNA code is __________ before being passed to new cells.
a) regenerated
b) destroyed
c) doubled
d) copied

The four nitrogen bases that are found in DNA are adenine, guanine, thymine, and _________.
a) cytoplasm
b) chromatid
c) centriole
d) cytosine

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