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The process of the cell cycle where the nucleus divides to create two identical nuclei is called __________.
a) interphase
b) mutation
c) DNA
d) mitosis

During prophase, the two centrioles __________.
a) disintegrate during the process
b) help plant cells develop
c) turn into chromosomes
d) move to opposite ends of the cell

Which of these is the part of the cell that contains hereditary material?
a) chromosome
b) embryo
c) mitosis
d) interphase

The final step in the mitosis process for animal cells is _________.
a) interphase
b) chromosomes
c) telophase
d) centrioles

In asexual reproduction, offspring are produced _________.
a) from one parent
b) from 8 chromosomes
c) from 46 chromosomes
d) from two parents

A sea star has one of its arms break off. That arm grows into its own separate organism through __________.
a) sexual reproduction
b) chromosomes
c) spindle fibers
d) regeneration

Hydra reproduce through __________, where the offspring grows from the body of the parent organism.
a) budding
b) mutations
c) thymine
d) DNA

Which of these is part of asexual reproduction?
a) sperm
b) regeneration
c) zygote
d) egg

The cell that is formed when fertilization occurs is called __________.
a) a zygote
b) a mutation
c) a ladder
d) a cytoplasm

How many chromosomes are in a human kidney cell?
a) 1
b) 46
c) 23
d) 92

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