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what is international trade
a) is the establishment of a business in a foreign country :)
b) tariffs
c) the exchange of goods and services between nations
d) kylie Downs jk midsize or smaller companies that have operations in foreign countries

What are the three main types of trade barriers???
a) mini nationals
b) free trade
c) Jake Fortwangler jk globalization
d) tariffs, quotas, and embargos

Which of the following countries is not socialist?
a) Cuba
b) Sweden
c) Canada
d) Tupac jk Germany

Which of the following is NOT a factor of production
a) Kylie Downs jk growth
b) entrepreneurship
c) land
d) labor

What are three questions nations ask to define their economic system?
a) what, how, tree?
b) what, how, and for whom
c) GDP
d) what, when, government

Who decides what should be produced in a command economy?
a) people
b) government
c) Jake Fortwangler :)
d) friends

A period of prolonged recession
a) depression
b) productivity
c) Brennan jk method
d) inflation

A tax on imports
a) Embargo
b) Matt Montanaro
c) Quota
d) Tariff

GATT, NAFTA, and the EU are examples of?
a) free trade zones
b) trade barriers imposed on nations
c) trade agreements and alliances
d) Jake Coleman

Large corporations that have operations in several countries :)
a) adaptation
b) Krunk Daddy Downs jk joint venture
c) potential
d) multinationals

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