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Describe The Parts And Functions Of Animal Cells. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

___________ is the part of the cell that supplies the energy for the cell by breaking down food, which releases energy for the cell to use.
a) nucleus
b) mitochondria
c) cytoplasm
d) vacuole

The gel-like fluid inside of a cell that holds the other parts of a cell in place and keeps the cell functioning is the__________.
a) vacuole
b) cell membrane
c) nucleus
d) cytoplasm

A __________ is the smallest unit of living material. It has major structures within it that cause it to live.
a) cell
b) multicellular
c) chloroplasts
d) nucleus

Organisms that contain a single cell, such as bacteria and some other microscopic organisms are called __________.
a) multicellular
b) cells
c) unicellular
d) vacuoles

The part of the cell that acts as a storage center for food, water and waste is called the _________.
a) mitochondria
b) chloroplasts
c) cytoplasm
d) vacuole

The __________ is the protective outside covering of a cell which controls what comes in and out of a cell.
a) cytoplasm
b) cell membrane
c) vacuole
d) mitochondria

Organisms that contain many cells such as humans, frogs, trees and many others are called __________.
a) cells
b) multicellular
c) unicellular
d) chloroplasts

The ___________ is the part of the cell that controls all of the cell's activities.
a) chloroplasts
b) cytoplasm
c) nucleus
d) vacuole

A ___________________ is an example of a unicellular organism.
a) virus
b) tree
c) bacteria
d) dog

A __________ is an example of a multicellular organism.
a) dog
b) bacteria
c) virus
d) atom

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