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Chance needs to record data that will show the change in temperature over a two-week period of time. Which software will he need to use to create his graph?
a) Desktop Publishing
b) Word Processing
c) Telecommunication
d) Spreadsheet

Which is NOT used in a spreadsheet application?
a) Keep track of money spent
b) Print local address books
c) Key and print envelopes
d) Keep track of timed writings

To create a chart of business expenses, what software would be used?
a) Database
b) Spreadsheet
c) Multimedia
d) Desktop Publishing

What could your local tax office use a spreadsheet for?
a) Create product information
b) Search titles of businesses
c) Key letters to businesses
d) Record sales tax created by businesses

What is one advantage of a spreadsheet program?
a) Answers “What does” questions
b) Writes formulas automatically
c) Checks for inaccurate data
d) Answers “What if" questions

What is a business use of spreadsheet software?
a) Keeping track of company payroll
b) Home banking
c) Keying business letters
d) Keeping track of employee addresses

An advantage of a spreadsheet is the speed of accomplishing what?
a) Calculating numbers
b) Searching and retrieving
c) Newsletter creating
d) Grammar checking

What could your school secretary use a spreadsheet to do?
a) Create a web page
b) Search for student addresses
c) Key letters to parents
d) Keep a record of student fees

Victoria needs to enter inventory data into the computer so that she might track purchasing trends. Which application software would BEST meet her needs?
a) Multimedia software
b) Telecommunications software
c) Spreadsheet software
d) Operating system software

Your teacher has given you all of your grades for the grading period. What is the FASTEST way to calculate your current average?
a) Add it in your head
b) Set up a spreadsheet
c) Add it on a piece of paper
d) Add it on a calculator

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