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One of the main differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells is that
a) Prokaryotic cells are always much larger.
b) Prokaryotic cells do not have a plasma membrane
c) Eukaryotic cells have a smaller nucleus
d) Eukaryotic cells have a more complex cellular organization

Which of the following organisms does not have a cell wall?
a) Plant
b) Human
c) Bacteria
d) Fungi

What does it mean to be a permeable membrane?
a) Anything can pass through
b) Some things can pass through
c) Nothing can pass through
d) None of the above

The Golgi apparatus is like UPS! In the cell, part of the Golgi apparatus will pinch off and move away. Why does it do this?
a) To get energy for the cell.
b) The send packages of proteins to other locations in the cell.
c) To collect the pieces needed to assemble proteins.
d) To send the DNA information needed for making proteins into the cell.

Muscles need to have energy. Muscle cells probably have a high number of
a) lysosomes
b) mitochondria
c) golgi bodies
d) ribosomes

Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are often considered opposite reactions. Why?
a) Photosynthesis release water and cellular respiration consumes water.
b) Photosynthesis produces more ATP than cellular respiration.
c) Photosynthesis occurs during the day and cellular respiration occurs at night.
d) Photosynthesis produces oxygen and cellular respiration uses oxygen.

What BEST describes the DNA in two daughter bacteria cells?
a) halved
b) doubled
c) identical
d) unrelated

What is most likely the outcome for a cell that is not allowed to divide?
a) It will burst.
b) It will starve.
c) It will fill with DNA.
d) It will die of old age.

In fruit flies long wings (W) are dominant to short wings (w). What is the phenotype of a Ww parent?
a) Long winged
b) Medium winged
c) Short winged
d) Wingless

Guinea pigs can have brown or white fur. The allele for brown is dominant (B) to the allele for white (b). What would be the genotype of a guinea pig with white fur?
a) BB
b) Bb
c) bb
d) B

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