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Which candy do you think was the most profitable for Milton Hershey?
a) reese's
b) caramel
c) chocolate
d) bubblegum

Why do you think that most of Hersheys money came from chocolate?
a) Hershey chocolate bars are still enjoyed today
b) People live in Hershey, Pennslyvania
c) People like candy
d) Milton Hershey still makes candy

Which word is the synonym of confectionary?
a) taffy
b) caramel
c) candy
d) bubblegum

Which word is a synonym of creditor?
a) borrower
b) chocolate-maker
c) millionaire
d) lender

Why do you think Milton sold his first successful business?
a) He was greedy
b) He was silly
c) He wanted to pay back his family
d) He wanted to be a millionaire

Why do you think the author wrote this passage?
a) to inform us about an interesting man
b) to entertain us with a story about chocolate
c) to persuade us to eat Hershey bars
d) to describe how yummy chocolate is

Why do you think Hershey built his factory near dairy farms?
a) He liked cows
b) He once owned a farm
c) He drank a lot of milk
d) There is milk in chocolate

What did the US government do after Hershey developed a chocolate bar for soldiers?
a) They honored him
b) They paid him
c) They gave him supplies
d) They ate the chocolate

When was Hershey born?
a) During World War II
b) A long time ago
c) The year that chocolate was invented
d) September 1857

Who suggested that Milton enter the candy business?
a) his dad
b) his brother
c) his sister
d) his mom

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