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Age range, gender, and education level are all characteristics of:
a) Site Goals
b) Wireframe
c) User Pofile
d) Flowchart

A diagram of geometric shapes connected by lines that shows the hierarchy structure of a website:
a) Site Goals
b) Wireframe
c) User Profile
d) Flowchart

Outline of the general purpose of the site, including but not limited to selling a product, promoting an event, providing information, and increasing brand recognition
a) Site Goals
b) Wireframe
c) User Profile
d) Flowchart

Barebones page mockups that include placeholder boxes with text to indicate where items will go on the page:
a) Site Goals
b) Wireframe
c) User Profile
d) Flowchart

Why is it important to define your site?
a) So all of the links work properly
b) Each of these answers is correct
c) Allow files to be saved in proper location
d) To easily navigate your files

What is the context menu that contains page properties?
a) File
b) Site
c) Modify
d) Edit

There is a built-in spell-checker in Dreamweaver
a) True
d) False

What panel allows you to change text from a paragrph format to the Heading 1 format?
a) Property Inspector
b) Insert Panel
c) Assets Panel
d) File Panel

What symbol appears next to the file name when a page has been edited but not yet saved?
a) # (Pound Sign)
b) $ (Dollar Sign)
c) ! (Exclamation)
d) * (Asterisk)

Links that contain the entire URL of a page that you are linking to, such as http://www.domainname.com/filename.html are:
a) External Links
b) Internal Links
c) Absolute Links
d) Relative Links

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