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Management style best used with highly motivated employees.
a) tactical
b) strategic
c) mixed
d) home

Management style best to use when the work to be done is new or very challenging.
a) tactical
b) strategic
c) mixed
d) home

Management functions are usually divided among owners of a
a) donut shop
b) brand new car
c) partnerboat
d) partnership

The highest level of management
a) supervisors
b) mid-managers
c) executives
d) pointy-haired bosses

Directing and leading people to accomplish the planned work of an organization
a) staffing
b) controlling
c) planning
d) implementing

Management style best to use when employees hate their jobs.
a) tactical
b) strategic
c) Big Brother
d) mixed

Management style best to use when there are tight time constraints.
a) mixed
b) buttermilk
c) strategic
d) tactical

Identifying and arranging the work and resources needed to achieve company goals.
a) planning
b) organizing
c) implementing
d) controlling

A chief operating officer is an example of a(n)
a) contingent worker
b) executive
c) mid-manager
d) supervisor

The lowest level of management, responsible for the work of a group of employees.
a) executives
b) mid-managers
c) supervisors
d) directors

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