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Contour plowing is a soil conservation method that involves...
a) plowing across curves hill slopes
b) plowing deeper into soil when planting crops
c) flattening hills to create flat land before plowing
d) never planting crops on a hill

Which of these is NOT a soil conservation technique/ method?
a) Plowing contour strip
b) contour plowing
c) strip cropping
d) Crop rotation

Soil can be conserved and its fertility can be maintained by using various methods of soil conservation.
a) True
b) False
c) Two answers are correct
d) None of these

When steep hillsides are built up into a series of flat "terraces" it slows down runoff and reduces erosion.
a) Terracing
b) Contour Plowing
c) Crop rotation
d) Cover crops

a farming system in which the seeds are directly deposited into untilled soil which has retained the previous crop residues
a) No- Till Farming
b) Crop Rotation
c) Contour Plowing
d) Cover Crops

A leafy crop grown to cover, prevent or reduce erosion and to improve the soil by building up its organic nutrients (fertility) content.
a) Cover Crops
b) Contour Plowing
c) Crop Rotation
d) Terracing

Varying (changing) the crops on a piece of land in a planned series (yearly), to save or increase the mineral or organic content of the soil.
a) Crop Rotation
b) No-Till farming
c) Contour Plowing
d) Cover Crops

a method to maintain the fertility of the soil by protecting the soil from erosion and nutrient loss.
a) Soil Conservation (Techniques)
b) Soil erosion
c) Strip Cropping
d) Dust Bowl

1. term used for the central and southern great plains during the 1930s when the region suffered from drought and dust storms
a) Dust Bowl
b) Bowl dusting
c) crop top
d) Bedrock

G. Washington Carver helped the farmers by studying and teaching this soil technique___________.
a) Crop Rotation
b) Cover Crop
c) Contour Plowing
d) No-till Farming

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