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His health is_________ ; you should take him to the doctor before it's too late.
a) devastating
b) disappearing
c) disappointing
d) deteriorating

I've had enough of waiting! Maria shouted, unable to_________ her anger any longer.
a) press
b) suppress
c) dispose
d) oppose

Ashwin always checks his work_________ before handing it in. Hence, he rarely loses marks for carlessness.
a) slowly
b) sloppily
c) meticulously
d) thoughtlessly

We must all __________ whatever opportunity that comes our way
a) seize
b) catch
c) snatch
d) retrieve

The recently ___________ Lieutenant Ang will always be remembered for his service to his country. He leaves behind his wife and two young children.
a) demoted
b) deceived
c) deceased
d) demoralised

By morning, (scores) of them are killed.
a) a few
b) a lot
c) a dozen
d) a couple

...attempt to destroy these prairie dogs have left them with an (insignificant) presence.
a) unimportant
b) unreasonable
c) uncountable
d) unregulated

Ranchers consider them annoying pests as they (incessantly) eat the grass meant for their cows.
a) gracefully
b) continually
c) intelligently
d) professionally

When the dogs' grass clippings decompose, they increase the protein (content) of the surrounding grass
a) subject
b) listings
c) amount
d) problem

The prairie dogs must be protected from being wiped out.
a) stolen
b) scared
c) emptied
d) destroyed

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