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_________________ is the force behind mass movements
a) gravity
b) wind
c) water
d) rocks

All of the following are ways we can control soil erosion EXCEPT
a) crop rotation
b) contour plowing
c) windbreaks
d) deforestation

In the desert, ephemeral streams
a) run only after it rains
b) run continuously, although the amount of flow varies.
c) are actually dried stream beds that no longer carry water.
d) carry water underground

The breakdown or alteration of rock at or near the Earth’s surface is called
a) weathering
b) erosion

Wind is the most important factor of chemical weathering.
a) False
b) True

All of the following are landforms created by glacial deposits, EXCEPT
a) sand dunes
b) drumlins
c) eskers
d) moraines

Windblown silt that blankets a landscape is called
a) loess
b) glacial drift
c) stratified drift
d) till

These enormous ice masses that flow in all directions and cover places such as Greenland and Antarctica
a) valley glaciers
b) ice sheets
c) ice ages
d) snowline

All sediments of glacial origin, no matter how, where, or in what form they were deposited
a) glacial drift
b) stratified drift
c) till
d) loess

Erosion has a bigger effect in deserts due to
a) lack of vegetation
b) lack of rainfall
c) sand
d) both lack of vegetation and lack of rainfall

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