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Maximum horizontal range for a luanched object can be reached at an angle of
a) 90 degrees
b) 75 degrees
c) 45 degrees
d) 15 degrees

The path a projectile takes is which of the following?
a) curved
b) parabola
c) straight
d) both curved and a parabola

Which of the following is NOT a scalar quantity?
a) time
b) mass
c) volume
d) acceleration

Add up the following components; 18i + 35j and -21i -17j. Which of the following represents the resultant?
a) 3i -18j
b) -3i + 18j
c) 39i + 52j
d) -3i -16j

The time it takes a projectile to travel upwards is shorter than the time it takes coming down.
a) False
b) True

What formula would you use to determine the magnitude of a resultant?
a) Pythagorean Theorem
b) tan^-1 (opp./adj.)
c) y2-y1 / x2-x1
d) d/t

Points of equal elevation in a projectiles path have _____________ velocities.
a) equal
b) different

As a projectile travels through its path, the vertical component ____________ while the horizontal component ____________.
a) increases; decreases
b) increases; does not change
c) decreases; increases
d) decreases; does not change

This forces acts on the vertical component of a projectile's motion.
a) gravity
b) friction
c) tension
d) air resistance

The velocity of a projectile is at a maximum at its highest point.
a) True
b) False

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