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The central nervous system is developed from the
a) ectoderm
b) endoderm
c) mesoderm
d) brain tissue

The method used to assess the physical condition of the newborn is called the
a) Apgar Scale
b) Blood Pressure Screening
c) Fetal Monitoring
d) Internal Fetal Monitoring

Define breech birth.
a) When the baby is delivered feet or rump first.
b) When the baby is delivered through a C-section.
c) When the baby is delivered through the vagina or birth canal.
d) When the baby is delivered with the cord wrapped around the neck.

Viability improves during which trimester?
a) Third
b) Second
c) First
d) None of the above

Name several types of Assisted Reproduction used by females.
a) Fertility drugs, egg donor, in vitro fertilization
b) Adoption
c) Ultrasound
d) All of the answers

28. Name several types of Assisted Reproduction used by males.
a) Artificial Insemination by donor
b) Adoption
c) Egg donation
d) None of the above

The purpose of the amniotic fluid is
a) Stabilizes temperature and shock-absorber.
b) Enables baby to begin learning how to breath underwater.
c) Contains the nutrients needed for fetus to develop
d) none of the above

What is the major reasons that teenagers are at a greater risk for delivering less healthy babies?
a) Lack of prenatal care
b) Poor nutrition
c) Both of the answers
d) Neither of the answers

A valid reason to have a Cesarean section delivery is
a) When labor does not progress normally
b) When you have a vacation planned around the time of the due date.
c) When the doctor has a vacation planned around the time of the due date.
d) When you are fearful of the pain that might be involved in a vaginal delivery.

Define anoxia.
a) Deprivation of oxygen.
b) Illegal amount of alcohol consumption
c) Use of illegal drugs.
d) The placenta is not expelled from the body after the delivery.

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