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How the year is divided by climates
a) planet
b) comet
c) season
d) lunar

to incline or bend from a vertical position
a) tilt
b) axis
c) solar system
d) inertia

the center around which something rotates
a) gravity
b) inertia
c) eclipse
d) axis

the sun and all the celestial bodies that move around it
a) moon phases
b) solar system
c) constellations
d) neap tide

celestial bodies that revolve around the sun
a) asteroids
b) comets
c) planets
d) solar

a force pulling down towards Earth
a) gravity
b) inertia
c) rotation
d) revolution

when an object moved around another object as in when the moon revolves around the Earth
a) rotation
b) inertia
c) gravity
d) revolution

when an object spins as the Earth does on its axis
a) revolution
b) inertia
c) rotation
d) gravity

Pluto is now called this
a) dwarf planet
b) solar system
c) constellation
d) eclipse

a rock or Minor Planet orbiting the sun
a) asteroid
b) comet
c) meteor
d) dwarf planet

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