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If rust is scraped off a nail, and the nail is shiny on the inside, the inside was
a) chemically changed also.
b) not chemically changed.
c) physically and chemically changed.
d) neither physically nor chemically changed.

Which of these observations is NOT an example of a physical property of matter?
a) The density of sea water is measured to be 1.027 g/cm3.
b) Gold melts at 1064 ÂșC.
c) There are usually at least three different minerals in a piece of granite.
d) Your mother's best silver tarnishes.

A(n) ______________________________ is the smallest complete part of an element that still has all the properties of that element.
a) atom
b) proton
c) neutron
d) electron

Most of the mass of an atom can be found in the
a) nucleus
b) atomic zone
c) electron shell
d) electron cloud

Which of these particles are equal in number when an atom is neutral?
a) electrons and neutrons
b) neutrons and protons
c) protons and electrons
d) an atom cannot be neutral

The particle that determines the identity of an element is the
a) proton
b) electron
c) photon
d) neutron

Without electrons, atoms would carry a _______________ charge.
a) negative
b) neutral
c) alternating
d) positive

What is the maximum number of electrons that can exist in the first shell surrounding an atomic nucleus?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8

____________________________________ may be shared by or transferred to other atoms.
a) protons
b) photon
c) electrons
d) neutrons

An isotope shares the atomic number with its element atom. How does it differ from the element atom?
a) The isotope has fewer electron shells.
b) The isotope has additional or fewer protons.
c) The isotope has additional or fewer electrons.
d) The isotope has additional or few neutrons.

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