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The different phases of matter exist at different density levels. Which of the following lists the phases in order from most dense to least dense for most materials?
a) solid > liquid > gas
b) gas > liquid > solid
c) liquid > solid > gas
d) liquid > gas > solid

If you were a water molecule in a glass of water how would you best describe your relationship with the water molecules around you?
a) always near the same molecules
b) moving slowly away from some molecules and quickly towards others
c) constantly running into different molecules
d) held in a rigid pattern with other molecules

A change from one phase to another involves
a) an addition of heat
b) an addition OR a subtraction of heat
c) a change in temperature
d) a subtraction of heat

You are using a bucket of water in a science experiment. You conclude that water is a liquid because
a) it takes the shape of the bucket.
b) it is cool but can be heated up relatively easily.
c) it flows easily from one container to another.
d) its temperature is relatively stable.

On a cold day sometimes water molecules in the atmosphere will turn into snow. This phase change is
a) condensing.
b) freezing.
c) evaporation
d) sublimation

Which of these is an example of a physical change?
a) wood burning
b) a mineral weathering to form another mineral
c) breaking a stick in half
d) a piece of metal rusting

Which of these is NOT a physical property of matter?
a) density
b) combustibility
c) melting point
d) boiling point

Which of these observations would show a chemical property of matter?
a) The density of water is 1 g/cm3.
b) Glass will break when it's dropped.
c) Lime juice will burn your tongue.
d) Gold can be bent to make a ring.

When baking soda and vinegar are mixed together bubbles form and the vinegar and baking soda are changed into new chemicals. This is an example of -
a) a physical change
b) neither a physical nor a chemical change
c) both a physical and a chemical change
d) a chemical change

When a nail rusts it is a _________________ change.
a) physical
b) nothing
c) invisible
d) chemical

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