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This is used to measure the fetal heartbeat during labor/delivery.
a) Fetal Monitoring Device
b) Ultrasound
c) Blood Tests
d) amniocentisis

How is the gestational age determined?
a) based on the onset of the mother\\\'s last menstrual period
b) based on results of a blood test
c) based on number of weeks that mother is late with menstrual period
d) ultrasound

Period of development from the 8th week after conception until birth.
a) Fetal Period
b) Period of the Zygote
c) Embryonic Period
d) Prenatal

What is the name of the fluid filled sac that surrouds the fetus?
a) amniotic sac
b) uterus
c) placenta
d) umbilical

Fertilization takes place in the ...
a) fallopian tube
b) ovary
c) vagina
d) uterus

The ability of the baby to survive outside of the womb is called
a) viability
b) quickening
c) prenatal development
d) gestation

The organ that supplies nutrients and oxygen to the fetus is the
a) placenta
b) umbilical cord
c) fallopian tube
d) uterus

The correct order of the stages of prental development is
a) Germinal, embryonic, fetal
b) Fetal, germinal, embryonic
c) Germinal, fetal, embryonic
d) Embryonic, germinal, fetal

A baby is considered to be low birth weight if they are under
a) 5 1/2 lbs.
b) 5 lbs.
c) 6 lbs.
d) 4 lbs.

When is a baby considered preterm?
a) 35 weeks
b) 38 weeks
c) 30 weeks
d) 22 weeks

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