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True or False: Dragging a corner sizing handle of an image maintains it's original proportion
a) True
d) False

True or False: Text cannot be added to a shape
a) True
d) False

True or False: Once you choose the Slide Layout, it cannot be changed.
a) True
d) False

True or False: Slides may be moved, deleted, or copied at any time when working on a presentation.
a) True
d) False

To print multiple slides on a single page, select
a) Slides
b) Selection
c) Notes Page
d) Handouts

What is not included when selecting a specific theme?
a) Colors
b) Animations
c) Fonts
d) Graphics

Slide transition controls:
a) The Slide Master
b) The slide design
c) How objects appear on the slides
d) How the screen changes between slides

What controls the way objects appear on the slide during the slide show?
a) Animation
b) Slide Master
c) Design
d) Transition

One way to move or delete a slide is in the:
a) Slide Master view
b) Slide Show view
c) Notes Page view
d) Slide Sorter view

A gallery of pre-defined shapes which may be drawn on a slide is called:
a) AutoShapes
b) Bullets
c) ClipArt
d) Placeholders

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