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American victories at Trenton and Princeton
a) forced the British to abandon New York and New Jersey.
b) showed that the Americans could beat the British and their allies.
c) convinced Spain to side with the U.S.
d) proved that Washington could not trust his men to fight.

What was the outcome of the Battle of Yorktown?
a) Cornwallis surrendered, ending the war.
b) The warships were lost in a fierce storm.
c) Washington withdrew rather than risk his army.
d) Rochambeau's troops barely escaped alive.

How did the Patriots feel about British rule?
a) They were dissatisfied.
b) They did not care who ruled them.
c) They wanted to change to French rule.
d) They were satisfied.

Anti-British feelings among the colonists grew more intense because of Paul Revere's engraving of the
a) Boston Massacre.
b) Intolerable Acts.
c) Liberty Affair.
d) Boston Tea Party.

The British recognized the United States as an independent nation in the
a) Treaty of the United States.
b) Treaty of Paris.
c) Treaty of Great Britain.
d) Treaty of America.

Where did the Patriot forces endure a winter of terrible suffering?
a) Saratogoa
b) Philadelphia
c) Valley Forge
d) Yorktown

Loyalist strength was strongest in
a) New England.
b) the South.
c) Georgia.
d) New York.

Which foreign troops helped defeat Charles Cornwallis?
a) Spanish
b) African
c) French
d) German

Colonial leaders used the Boston Massacre killings as
a) a call to war.
b) a reason to tax Great Britain.
c) propaganda.
d) a reason to trust the British.

The man who wrote the Declaration of Independence was
a) Thomas Jefferson.
b) Patrick Henry.
c) Benjamin Franklin.
d) John Adams.

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