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What is a rift valley?
a) A steep sided volcano with a broad appearance
b) A valley with sides that slope sharply down to a river
c) A large volcano with gentle slopes
d) A steep sided valley formed by plate movement

What is a strato-volcano?
a) A volcano from a chain of mountains that run through several oceans
b) A large, steep sided volcano formed by layers of solidified lava
c) A large volcano with gentle slopes
d) A land slide of hot ash, rocks and gases

When did the devastating eruption of the LEDC: Sichuan, China occur?
a) 12 May 2008
b) 9 June 2006
c) 23 May 2007
d) 12 June 2008

A huge hollow in the Earth\'s surface as a result of a collapse of volcano... what is this?
a) Tephra
b) subduction zone
c) subglacial lake
d) Caldera

What is a tephra?
a) All the fragments that are thrown from a volcano during an eruption
b) A synonym for earthquake aftershocks
c) A large volcano with steep sides
d) A process or feature that occurs under an ice sheet or glacier

What is an island arc?
a) An island group formed by an earthquake
b) A group of islands formed by the eruption of volcanoes
c) A group of islands formed by pyroclastic flow
d) A geographical term for Iceland

Lahars are flows of volcanic ash and water or a mudslide. What are they caused?
a) When a strato volcano collapses
b) When rainwater mixes with loose volcanic ash
c) When a volcano erupts too quickly
d) When a pyroclastic flow loses control

What is a pyroclastic flow?
a) A landslide of hot ash, rocks and gases from a violent volcanic eruption
b) When an earthquake causes magma to seep through plate boundaries
c) When rainwater mixes with loose volcanic ash
d) A flow of water froma river that burst its banks

What does the Icelandic work \'jokulhaup\' mean?
a) Magnitude
b) The violent eurption of a volcano
c) The word on warning signs
d) Glacial outburst (causing a flood)

Which of these is an Icelandic earthquake?
a) Jokullhaup
b) Heklablinken
c) Grimsvotn
d) Hullstort

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