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Voluntary muscle is
a) striated
b) both a and b
c) surrounds the internal organs
d) also called skeletal muscle

Which term means the paralysis of both legs
a) hemiplegia
b) paraparesis
c) quadraplegia
d) paraplegia

which term means the breaking down (destruction) of muscles?
a) atrophy
b) myostenosis
c) moymalacia
d) myolysis

Which term means the wasting away of muscle tissue?
a) atrophy
b) myostenosis
c) myomalacia
d) myolysis

which term menas the study of human factors that affect the design and operation of tools and the work enviroment?
a) kinesiology
b) ergonomics
c) anatomy
d) physiology

Which term means difficulty in controlling voluntary movment?
a) dystonia
b) ataxia
c) dystaxia
d) atonia

which type of movement bends the knee and brings the lower leg backward?
a) elevation
b) rotation
c) flexion
d) extension

Which term means th condition commonly known as hiccups?
a) myasthenia
b) spasm
c) torticollis
d) singultus

which type of muscle makes possible the movement o internal organs?
a) smooth
b) none of the above
c) skeletal
d) cardiac

Which term means abnormal shortning of a muscle tissue that makes the muscle resistant to stretching?
a) adhesion
b) tic
c) spasm
d) contracture

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