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What kind of weather does a cold front usually bring?
a) Warm
b) Stormy
c) Sunny
d) Windy

Which of the following is the cause of the change of seasons?
a) the Distance of a place from the Equator.
b) Prevailing winds blowing across land or water.
c) the Tilt of the Earth's axis.
d) the Rotation of the Earth.

Prevailing winds affect a region's climate by
a) Creating desert areas.
b) Causing more precipitation on one side of the mountain.
c) Affecting how much precipitation it receives.
d) Controlling the amount of solar energy it receives.

The windward side of a mountain usually
a) is a desert.
b) has no precipitation.
c) is lush and green.
d) has warm, sinking air.

How do prevailing winds that travel across large bodies of water affect the climate?
a) They make it colder.
b) They make it warmer.
c) They make it wetter.
d) They make it drier.

Seasons are caused by
a) the Sun's cycle.
b) the Greenhouse effect.
c) Sunspots.
d) the Tilt of the Earth's axis.

What role does runoff play in the water cycle?
a) It is the process in which liquid turns to water vapor.
b) It carries water from precipitation into oceans.
c) It takes water out of the water cycle.
d) It is not part of the water cycle.

What factors distinguish one biome from another biome?
a) Differences in geography and amount of precipitation.
b) The number of people who live in that area.
c) Specific type of climate and certain types of plant and animal communities.
d) They are all the same.

How does large bodies of water influence an area's climate?
a) It has no affect.
b) Water absorbs and releases heat slower than land does.
c) Land releases heat much slower than water.
d) Sudden, extreme temperature changes occur frequently.

Why does Iceland experience milder temperatures than Greenland?
a) Iceland is influenced by the Gulf Stream and Greenland is not.
b) Iceland is located by South America.
c) Greenland is not near any oceans.
d) This is false. Iceland and Greenland experience the same temperatures.

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