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Chapter 2/ 3: Weather And Climate Review Game.[print questions]

What kind of front forms when a cold air mass displaces a warm air mass?
a) Cold Front
b) Occluded Front
c) Stationary Front
d) Warm Front

What are the major air masses that influence the weather in the United States?
a) Polar and Tropical
b) marinePolar, marineTropical, landPolar, landTropical
c) maritimePolar, maritimeTropical, continentalPolar, continentalTropical
d) maritime and continental

How do fronts cause weather changes?
a) They cause air to move northward and brings clear, dry, and hot weather in the summer.
b) They bring rain and clouds.
c) Fronts are another name for source regions.
d) Fronts are where two weather masses meet, warm air generally rising over cold air.

What are areas that have lower pressure than the surrounding areas?
a) Cyclones
b) Climate
c) Occluded Front
d) Anticyclones

What type of cloud is most likely to produce light to heavy, continuous rain?
a) Nimbostratus Cloud
b) Altostratus Cloud
c) Stratocumulus Cloud
d) Cumulus Cloud

What are the four types of precipitation?
a) Swamp, Marsh, Bog, Fen
b) North, South, East, and West
c) Rain, Cloudy, Sunny, Snow
d) Rain, Sleet, Snow, Hail

How is the relative humidity affected by the amount of water vapor in the air?
a) The more water vapor there is in the air, the higher the relative humidity is.
b) These two things don't affect each other.
c) Relative humidity and water vapor are inversely related; as one goes up, the other goes down.

What is the dew point?
a) The temperature at which a gas condenses into a liquid.
b) The temperature at which water boils.
c) The temperature at which water freezes.
d) The temperature at which a liquid evaporates into a gas.

How do meteorologists gather data on atmospheric conditions above Earth's surface?
a) Thermometer
b) Weather Balloon
c) Barometer
d) Anemometer

What type of instrument measures air pressure?
a) Thermometer
b) Weather Balloon
c) Barometer
d) Anemometer

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